The Wreckfest Server Tracker was built to give players and server owners visibility into the data that Steam integration provides for Wreckfest servers. We think this site will help to grow the online community by creating a more engaging experience for players and server owners.

Wreckfest Servers are uniquely identified in our system by their IP address and network port. If either of these changes, it will result in the creation of a new server record.

This site does not display the IP address or the network port of the servers it tracks. If you need this info, we'd prefer you get it directly from Steam.


Players are identified by their name from the Wreckfest servers, not their Steam ID. This means that when a player changes their name, it will show as a new record in the tracker.


If you use the data from the tracker or would like to link to the site, please consider using one of the banners available here.


If you have any comments, problems or suggestions, please contact us.


The basics of how we get the data this site uses:

  1. Call the Steamworks Web API for a list of Wreckfest servers.
  2. Update stored server info from the results of the Steam API call.
  3. Gather server and player details from the servers that have active players using the Valve SDK.
  4. Store the server and player details.


Special thanks to HotLipFuzz, RB and FuMo for images and design ideas, Banana Tiger for mapping car names, as well as jannesBB, Purple44, TrAbB, BC Bangers and the rest of the Wreckfest community for helping with feedback and testing.